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With two decades of experience, Triton has been supporting real estate investors, just like you. We offer tailored financial solutions and essential services to align with your business goals, no matter the situation.

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Real estate investment loans
Real estate investment loans

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Meet our Founder – La Mancha Sims
Triton is the Premier Alternative Private Lender for Real Estate Investors and Home Builders. Our team of Real Estate professionals, Construction Consultants, and Financial experts specialize in Real Estate Development and Real Estate Investor Lending Services. Whether our clients are trying to get established in the Real Estate Industry or are very seasoned Investors who need resources to grow, we have solutions that fit their situation.
Our Founder and Managing Director, La Mancha Sims, is a former Naval Officer and Senior Finance Manager for GE, as well as an experienced business development expert. La Mancha has years of experience in the real estate industry, from investing to home building. Triton continues to focus on helping our clients gain access to traditional and non-traditional financing, passive income opportunities, and comprehensive business advice.

Recently Funded Rental Properties

Refinancing options

Charlotte, NC

Cash-Out Refinance - $535,000
Low Flexible Rate

Investor-funded lending

Savannah, GA

Cash-Out Refinance -$400,000
Vacation Rental

Investor-funded lending

Jacksonville, FL

Fixed Rate & Term - $389,000
Rental for Traveling Nurses

Investor-funded lending

Atlanta, GA

SFR Rate Term - $579,000
25-year Fixed Rate

Welcome to Triton Real Estate Capital, your premier destination for all your real estate investment needs. Whether you’re seeking hard money or alternative financing options, we’ve got you covered. Our investor-funded loan alternatives are designed to support you in seizing new investment opportunities or optimizing your existing portfolio through refinancing choices.

Specializing in real estate investment loans, we empower investors to unlock the full potential of their properties while maximizing returns. With competitive rates and personalized assistance, Triton Real Estate Capital ensures that your investment journey is smooth and successful.

We understand the importance of seizing real estate opportunities promptly. That’s why we offer alternative financing choices and tailored hard money solutions to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s financing for new investment properties or exploring rate-and-term refinance options, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals.

Explore a world of real estate opportunities with Triton Real Estate Capital today. Browse through our selection of investment property loans and embark on a journey towards financial success.

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